Frequently Asked Questions

NO, Elite Performance Prep Academy is not a “school.” It is against the law to pay somebody to “homeschool” your child, so instead, Elite Performance Prep Academy is a learning center which implements a microschooling model as part of its educational approach. Microschooling refers to a small-scale, student-centered learning environment that combines elements of traditional schooling with personalized instruction.

The microschooling model also offers flexibility in scheduling and allows for a more dynamic and adaptable learning environment. It provides opportunities for students to explore their interests, engage in hands-on learning experiences, and benefit from a curriculum that aligns with their academic goals and aspirations.

Overall, microschooling at Elite Performance Prep Academy reflects a student-centric approach, where the emphasis is on fostering a supportive community, personalized instruction, and creating an environment that promotes holistic growth, academic excellence, and individual success.

YES! Students enrolled at Elite Performance Prep Academy have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities at their local schools, such as sports, clubs and electives (when there are open spots available). This allows them to engage in a broader range of interests, develop social connections, and benefit from the diverse opportunities available within their local school community.

The process to transfer children from Elite Performance Prep Academy to a local public school is simple and straightforward. By re-enrolling them in the local public school, they can seamlessly transition and become students there without any unnecessary complications. This streamlined process ensures a smooth transition for students and allows them to continue their educational journey within the public school system.

Elite Performance Prep Academy offers online options such as academic tutoring, academic mentoring, and other services that can be requested as needed. If you are interested in obtaining more information about the online options, academic tutoring, academic mentoring, or any other services offered by Elite Performance Prep Academy please feel free to contact us through the sign up genius below.

Elite Performance Prep Academy is a secular institution, which means it does not have a religious affiliation or focus in its educational approach. However, the academy recognizes and respects the diverse beliefs and backgrounds of its students. If students wish to express their beliefs during lessons that are relevant or somehow connected to the topic being discussed, it is allowed and encouraged as a means of promoting open dialogue and understanding. The academy strives to create an inclusive and respectful learning environment where students feel comfortable expressing their perspectives while maintaining a focus on academic excellence.

The daily schedule at Elite Performance Prep Academy is designed to provide a structured and productive learning environment for students. While the specific schedule may vary based on grade level and individual programs, a student who attends our microschool learning centers will expect to attend 4 days a week, 3.5 hours a day. In that time frame they will receive instruction/tutoring for math, science, social studies, ELA, character building and business/entrepreneurship.

The financial investment required to enroll in the academic programs at Elite Performance Prep Academy can vary depending on factors such as the grade level of the student, the duration of enrollment, and any additional services or resources opted for. To obtain specific information regarding monthly fees, it is best to contact Elite Performance Prep Academy directly. They will be able to provide you with detailed information on the financial investment required for enrollment, any available scholarships or financial aid options, and any other associated costs.

We are located in Henderson, NV, however we serve students all over the country!

At Elite Performance Prep Academy, student progress and academic performance are assessed through a combination of methods aimed at providing comprehensive feedback. Here are some common approaches employed by the academy:

Continuous Evaluation: Academic coaches regularly assess students’ understanding of the material through class participation, quizzes, tests, and assignments. This ongoing evaluation helps monitor progress and identify areas for improvement.

Formal Assessments: Periodic formal assessments, such as unit tests or exams, are conducted to gauge students’ knowledge and mastery of specific topics or subjects. These assessments provide a more comprehensive evaluation of students’ academic performance.

Projects and Presentations: Students may be assigned projects or presentations that allow them to apply their learning, conduct research, and demonstrate their understanding of the subject matter. These projects encourage critical thinking, creativity, and communication skills.

Performance-based Assessments: In certain subjects or disciplines, performance-based assessments may be used to evaluate students’ practical skills. This could involve experiments, simulations, performances, or practical applications of knowledge.

Personalized Feedback: Academic coaches at Elite Performance Prep Academy provide personalized feedback to students on their assignments, tests, and projects. This feedback helps students understand their strengths, areas for improvement, and specific strategies for enhancing their learning and performance.

Progress Reports and Parent-Teacher Conferences: The academy often provides progress reports or report cards that outline students’ overall academic performance, grades, and feedback.
Parent-teacher conferences may also be held to discuss student progress, address concerns, and set goals collaboratively.

Through these assessment methods, Elite Performance Prep Academy aims to provide comprehensive feedback that informs students, parents, and academic coaches about students’ strengths, areas for improvement, and progress toward their academic goals. This approach facilitates individualized support and helps students develop a clear understanding of their academic performance.

Elite Performance Prep Academy places importance on student attendance to maintain a productive and successful learning environment. It’s important to note that specific attendance expectations and policies may vary based on the grade level, program structure, and the academy’s guidelines. To obtain precise information about Elite Performance Prep Academy’s attendance policies and expectations, it is recommended to contact the academy directly. They will provide detailed information on their specific attendance requirements and how they ensure a productive and successful learning environment through consistent attendance.